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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April is upon us/about a year now

so, i think it's about the one year mark for Penniless...i don't know the date...i know it was april, i think i'll just use my daughter's birthday as the anniversary of Penniless (April 26th)
Admittedly, i haven't been working very diligently on this project...i want to knock-off at least a 20 or so page little zine-style comic by August. I'm working mostly on my part of a Scrambled Circuits comic...and i'm really enjoying working on it...i'll actually be sad to be finished with it, but relieved when it's done.  I'm learning Illustrator in parallel to making comics, which slows things down a bit, but ups quality, so it's a tossup all the way round...i think.

So the basics (this is more for my own use than for you all reading) are:

Penny and her father move from Manhattan to Appalachia.
Penny is a snob like her Mother that left to go to Hollywood. (we meet her at some point, seriously)
Pops lost his Wall Street job and decided instead of getting another job there, he'd move himself and Penny back in with his family in West Virginia. (from hick to stockbroker back to hick)
There is simultaneously a revolution and a flood (hillbilly's vs. the us govt)
Penny finally decides enough is enough and leaves to go back to Manhattan....she's running from the rapidly rising water and falls into her uncle's little rowboat that he uses for fishing (what's it doing up in the mountains?) and she's adrift to who knows where.

i think this could basically be the outline for the first chapter/comic...

stay tuned,

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