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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stumptown 2012

Looks like I just may make it to Stumptown Comics Fest this year.

i'll have mini-comics and whatever else i figure out to bring...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

hypnotic big george

i had already posted this to facebook via instagram, but 'ere it is...
hypnotic Big George

some more backstory

some more about the heroes of this story...or the opening of it anyway.
Hillbillies and their simple ways has fooled the rest of America for a long while, the rural folk of this fine country finally had enough and were organized enough to do something about it.  Teamed up with farmers and backwoods folk all across the continent, the "Bubba" movement was about to take place...

Mother Nature, well, she had a slightly different plan.  All the global warming, which had really been caused by the hypnotic powers of "Big George" and his paper hoodlums (money), had melted much of the polar's beginning to look alot like waterworld up in this piece.  The hillbillies really didn't have to do much to take over, most of the cities were overtaken by massive flooding.  So, takeover the hillbillies did, but having good hearts, the new victors in the survival of the fittest war, rescued all that they encountered.  They set up alot of makeshift camps for the folk they rescued and these people, not only rescued from the flooding, but also from the powers of money and greed, became one with our heroes and lived in peace.

Not sure, but I might actually write alot of this story down this way...and post it as is and as it comes...any ideas on how i should go about this...let me know...

enjoy, i know i am,

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

hillbillies? yes, i think so.


there will be Hillbillies in this story, although these Hillbillies are not going to be the stereotypical, Hollywood portrayal of these fine, rural folk...

Hillbillies are the only people left, seeing how they live in the hills.  Just before the flooding, the Hillbillies were planning  to attack the financial centers of the country in a massive coordinated could they do this?
Funny you ask, Hillbillies, no matter how they are stereotyped or portrayed by hollywood are intelligent, industrious human beings that are not inbred.  the toothlessness, well that's just dentures and implants to keep us city folk make us wary of these ugly hicks...the mullets and rip-van-winkle beards, those are wigs...again to throw off the city folk.
they use thier own network called the "Bubba-net" that operates on a slightly different frequency that hasn't been detected.
These mountain folk have developed thier own language over the years that the rest of the country doesn't understand...they speak "Hillbilly"

Saturday, April 14, 2012

a bit of a run-down on the basic premise Post#2

Penniless- a future tale

Money is now's just paper.  The people who had so much truely have nothing now.  Serves them right.

It was discovered that money had a mind-controlling property (think of George Washington of the $1 bill with swirly, hypnotic eyes) This all happened right after major flooding over most of the world...most of the world's population either drowned or became, anyway, there aren't that many people on dry land these days.

Since the polar caps are melting away, Polar bears have now become Grizzly's and Grizzly's have now become Teddy about the world now a safer place???  Places like Siberia and Alaska are now great places to live...Seattle, what isn't underwater, is now a tropical more gloomy, cold it's cheerful, warm monsoon...Now they have the mermaid on the Starbuck's logo actually serving coffee...yay Seattle!

Penny is the heroine of this story, (and no, not the drug) she goes on a quest for knowlege (well, ignorant people need to learn)
she's on a quest to find the us treasury mint, so she can see her namesake(penny)
along the way she finds mischief, and mischief of course finds her.

Penny-post #1

Came up with a bit of an idea for a comic.  Penniless is the story of a girl in the future named Penny.  In this future, post-apocalyptic world (the apocalypse being the abandonment of money) we see the rebuilding of the human race.  In the future, (the past for Penny) it is discovered that money has a mind-controlling property (imagine George Washington on the $1 bill with swirly, hypnotic eyes) that causes people to commit the most heinous of acts.

more to come...i've been coming up with alot of ideas for this one lately...might have to do a mini-comic or two for this...