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Saturday, April 14, 2012

a bit of a run-down on the basic premise Post#2

Penniless- a future tale

Money is now's just paper.  The people who had so much truely have nothing now.  Serves them right.

It was discovered that money had a mind-controlling property (think of George Washington of the $1 bill with swirly, hypnotic eyes) This all happened right after major flooding over most of the world...most of the world's population either drowned or became, anyway, there aren't that many people on dry land these days.

Since the polar caps are melting away, Polar bears have now become Grizzly's and Grizzly's have now become Teddy about the world now a safer place???  Places like Siberia and Alaska are now great places to live...Seattle, what isn't underwater, is now a tropical more gloomy, cold it's cheerful, warm monsoon...Now they have the mermaid on the Starbuck's logo actually serving coffee...yay Seattle!

Penny is the heroine of this story, (and no, not the drug) she goes on a quest for knowlege (well, ignorant people need to learn)
she's on a quest to find the us treasury mint, so she can see her namesake(penny)
along the way she finds mischief, and mischief of course finds her.

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