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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

hillbillies? yes, i think so.


there will be Hillbillies in this story, although these Hillbillies are not going to be the stereotypical, Hollywood portrayal of these fine, rural folk...

Hillbillies are the only people left, seeing how they live in the hills.  Just before the flooding, the Hillbillies were planning  to attack the financial centers of the country in a massive coordinated could they do this?
Funny you ask, Hillbillies, no matter how they are stereotyped or portrayed by hollywood are intelligent, industrious human beings that are not inbred.  the toothlessness, well that's just dentures and implants to keep us city folk make us wary of these ugly hicks...the mullets and rip-van-winkle beards, those are wigs...again to throw off the city folk.
they use thier own network called the "Bubba-net" that operates on a slightly different frequency that hasn't been detected.
These mountain folk have developed thier own language over the years that the rest of the country doesn't understand...they speak "Hillbilly"

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