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Saturday, April 21, 2012

some more backstory

some more about the heroes of this story...or the opening of it anyway.
Hillbillies and their simple ways has fooled the rest of America for a long while, the rural folk of this fine country finally had enough and were organized enough to do something about it.  Teamed up with farmers and backwoods folk all across the continent, the "Bubba" movement was about to take place...

Mother Nature, well, she had a slightly different plan.  All the global warming, which had really been caused by the hypnotic powers of "Big George" and his paper hoodlums (money), had melted much of the polar's beginning to look alot like waterworld up in this piece.  The hillbillies really didn't have to do much to take over, most of the cities were overtaken by massive flooding.  So, takeover the hillbillies did, but having good hearts, the new victors in the survival of the fittest war, rescued all that they encountered.  They set up alot of makeshift camps for the folk they rescued and these people, not only rescued from the flooding, but also from the powers of money and greed, became one with our heroes and lived in peace.

Not sure, but I might actually write alot of this story down this way...and post it as is and as it comes...any ideas on how i should go about this...let me know...

enjoy, i know i am,

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