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Friday, October 18, 2013

positive outlook

yes...there is something to be said for having a positive outlook or perspective...this is not the same as "being happy" i learned from my own experience of being fucking miserable at a job for the majority of 15 years...once something gets under your skin, it causes you to look at things negatively, which causes you to react negatively, which brings more negativity, which causes you utter fucking depression (i know) I'm not saying you should fake like you're happy...i agree with you completely, feeling depressed and sad means something isn't right...self reflection...definitely...i'm finding at the new job...i'm learning to look at the good things and find good in my situation...sure, there are a lot of things that could be much better, but i'm looking for the good...and i feel (at least for me right now) that having a positive outlook is bringing positive things to my life...sure, i haven't won the lotto, i haven't reached my goal weight, haven't been promoted........yet....i say yet...i think this is where faith comes in...i'm not talking about a religious faith...i'm talking about faith that comes from within...inner strength? willpower? all these things are referring to the same, intangible thing that is completely undescribable ... all these religions...maybe, just maybe they're all right....maybe we are all right...maybe we are alright...

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