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Friday, May 25, 2012

it might even be fun...

so this is some sketching from the opening scene in my comic...the guy is supposed to be penny's father...i'm thinking kind of a billy ray cyrus type guy...he's redneck, but city slicker too...they are going to his parents' home...i haven't thought up a name for daddy here, but he was originally from the appalachians or ozarks (a hillbilly) and moved to New York as an adult...Penny is a city brat basically...and doesn't want to go to the "sticks" so daddy here is trying to talk her into going...he just lost his job, by the way, and wants to go back to the simple life...'course penny is very accustomed to the cappaccinos and broadway...i'm thinking the mother has left them probably...maybe left to go to hell, i mean hollywood...

i'm thinking daddy needs to look alot older...not like a boyfriend

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